The Women’s Board’s Purpose

To support the Dreams Come True staff and Board of Directors in their plans to use the power of a dream to bring hope and joy to EVERY First Coast child battling a life-threatening illness.

Our Vision

The vision of the Dreams Come True Women’s Board is to be DCT Ambassadors in the community by educating, fundraising and volunteering for the Dreams Come True 5K, Dream Day, the Annual Christmas Party and Special Times.

In the process of supporting the board, we hope to develop a cohesive group that can be the hands and feet of Dreams Come True.


Our Women’s Board is a group of extraordinary women from diverse backgrounds and varying ages. We provide support to DCT throughout the year, but most of our activities take place during the holiday seasons, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas. We recently added Easter as one of our holiday initiatives, as well.

Each member is encouraged to contribute whatever time she can within the confines of her personal and professional life. Members are also expected to attend at least seven of the ten board meetings per year. There is a $100 annual fee to join the group, which helps underwrite our special projects and collective giving initiatives. Membership is currently capped at 25 women.

If you would like more information about joining our Women’s Board, please contact our Executive Director, Sheri Criswell, at 904-296-3030, email Sheri Criswell, or contact us.

Women's Board Officers

Andrea Frick
Shannon Connell
Christie Stermon
Christy Rosen

Women's Board Members

Cheryl Abdelnour-Joseph
Sarah Boggs
Tricia Boleky
Polly Bungay
Tammy Demetree
Emily Dunham
Susan Elinoff
Sandi French
Nalani Fry
Lisa Holder
Melissa Horn
Carol Imfeld
Leslee Kiernan
Denise Kotos
Stephanie Lupo
Joyce Mann
Vickie Mennen
Jeanine Nolan
Kim Rigdon
Karen Schwartz
Rebekah Selevan
Shelley Smith
Melinda Sowers
Joan Streck
Kristin Worley